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Manjit Singh, Inderjit Kaur Janda

5121 Sunny Creek Drive San Jose CA, USA - 95135


Gurmat Education Society is registered in the USA under C4628422 ID number on August 6, 2020. Gurmat Education's goal is to support the education for underprivileged children in India. Our primary focus is to fund the education (via tuition, meals, supplies, and books) for elementary school children, as our belief is one in which we can influence the creation of building a solid foundation for their life's success. Recently, we expanded our reach to further help and guide high school students throughout their college studies. We were able to provide mentorship and set them up with professionals to create internships and an avenue for a long-term career. As a result, we have students who are now pursuing various degrees from medicine to criminal justice, and finance. Gurmat itself translates to the belief in wisdom.

We choose to help and support those individuals who are willing and eager to learn, and more importantly, those that may not have the access and opportunity to do so. We believe that education leads to knowledge, and in life, we know that knowledge leads to power. Without access to having the ability to learn, many young children in India get stuck in their socio-economic classes and have no chance at a brighter future. Education is the cornerstone for hard work and teaches us the diligence and importance of these skills. It teaches us how to develop and grow, and we as an organization want to be able to fuel and power that growth.
By supporting our non-profit organization, 100% of your donations and efforts will contribute to the success and change in a young person's life that they will cherish forever.